Syrah hot and cold mezze - selection of 5

Syrah hot and cold mezze - selection of 5

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Cold mezze

1. VE Hummus
Pureed chickpeas, tahina paste, lemon juice

2. VE Moutabal
Pureed charcoal eggplant, tahina paste, natural yoghurt, garlic, lemon juice

3. VE Mutabel beetroot
Grated beetroot, tahina paste, yoghurt, lemon, salt

4. VE, N Muhamara
Red capsicum, chili, breadcrumb, olive oil, onion, garlic, lemon juice, nuts, pomegranate molasses

5. G, V Labneh
Strained full fat yoghurt served plain or fresh mint or garlic & spring onion

6. G, V Laban bel khayar
Natural yoghurt, fresh mint & grated cucumber with or without garlic

Hot mezze

7. V Sambousak bil jiben
Deep fried homemade pastry filled cheese, parsley

8. N Sambousak bil lahem
Deep fried homemade pastry filled fried minced lamb, onion, pine nuts, parsley

9. N Kibbeh maklieh
Deep fried minced lamb meat, combined crushed wheat, onions, lightly spiced

10. VE, N Fatayer sabanekh
Deep fried homemade pastry, fresh spinach, onion, sumac, pine nuts, pomegranate molasses

11. G Robian provencal
Sautéed shrimps garlic, coriander, lemon juice

12. VE Batata hara
Fried potatoes tossed in fresh garlic, chili, capsicum, fresh coriander leaf, olive oil, lemon

13. G, VE Feter bel tum
Sautéed mushrooms, fresh garlic, coriander leaf, olive oil

(Additional mezze at INR 850)

The team would call you back to confirm your choices of dip.